Information capture and document processing simplified

ABBYY cloud-based offerings

ABBYY enables digital transformation through a combination of easy-to-access services for business customers and Web APIs and hosted back-ends for customers and partners.

Digital document online services

Upload your documents and get results: text recognition, PDF conversion and invoice processing.

Cloud API and backends

Looking deploy information capture in the cloud? Information capture and document conversion offered via Web APIs and hosted services.

Four reasons to bring your business processes to the cloud


Actionable information

Invest in services that help you find value in data. Digital means accessible, searchable, actionable. Data extraction means the right data input into the right system. Data understanding means gaining insights from your data so that you can use it.



Work with a model that can change as your business changes. Scale as you need to.


Smart investment

Focus resources where it counts – on processing and output. Less upfront investment, a simpler way to manage your resources over time.



Launch new processes quickly and easily by taking advantage of existing services rather than trying to build entirely new system and processes from scratch.

We deal with tricky formats, manual data extraction, and unstructured information – to turn the "necessary evil" of working with documents into meaningful and actionable insights.

ABBYY is a leading provider of technologies and solutions to action information. For mor than 25 years, we've helped companies and organizations to manage their digital transformations.